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Message - July 2019



Greetings.…. I have finally finished some instruments that are now online in the galleries and several custom made orders, thanks for your patience.

I'm currently sourcing more raw logs in preparation for my next group of projects.

Please note: All prices are fully inclusive of Freight, Insurance and a custom made, hand stitched Australian sheep-skin carry case*.

Warm Vibrations




*optional extra


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new button - stock added March 2018 include C, D and F Yirdakis - see item below or click button above to see others


Horn: F
Length: 166 cm
Mouthpiece Diameter:

36x38 mm Natural
32 mm Waxed

Bell Diameter: 11.0 cm
Weight: 3.4 kg
Timber Type: Bloodwood
Timber Origin: Outer Darwin, Northern Territory
Description/Playing Ability:

Aesthetically beautiful, A gorgeous mix of red and blonde colours.

A super easy player with a bassy drone, clear harmonics and rich resonance.


$5,500 AUD
Contact: nathan@burtondidj.com

optional leather carry case


C# -Yirdaki 2018 stock

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