Master Blaster Testimonials

Shedidge from Germany Hessen purchased a C#

This was such an exciting project – to discover the C Didj on your website – to read the description and to order it, a musical instrument many thousand miles far away build from you Nathan Burton.
There’re a lot of positive appraisements about your Didgeridoos and finally a wonderful Master Blaster C arrived here to my home.
I like to play the warm deep key note drone – often in combination with the crisp fluently overtones. As well with this Didj I can sing almost everything what ever I want-Wowee it’s a good and friendly teacher for me.
I like the great professionally finishing and especially the oval shape at the top and the mouthpiece. With this I can collect experimental playing and appendage.
It’s a great honour for me to have a Burton Didj and I’m very happy.
Thank you!
With peaceful greetings


Dave Houser from Calgary,Alberta, Canada purchased a D

holy kryptonite nate. i got my didj today. that is one sexy stick. i pulled it out of the box. it was beautiful. i couldnt wait to wrap my lips around it. i gave it a blow, and nothing came out. after adjusting the mouth piece, i gave it a blow and i cant tell you what was sexier. the first impression pulling it out the box, or the sound that came out of that didj. thanks alot for all your hard work. i love tha didj. i will send you a photo soon.
thanks again
dave houser

As a kid i attended summer camps. what a great season. a bunch of buddies to hang out with, enjoying the great out doors. One summer we made our own Didjs. they looked terrible and sounded even worse. That was my first encounter with Didjs. About 4 years ago i saw Xavier in Canada. I had no idea that one of these instruments could produce such amazing sounds. I had to have one! You would think that one of the biggest cities in all of Canada would have no trouble providing a good quality Didj. People would say," A what?!". Finally one day i came across one at a store that sells collectibles made from other countries. $65 was the cost.

Now, I have played guitar since the age of 10. I know the difference between a terrible guitar and one that is of excellent quality.
So i thought the same rule must apply for any musical instrument and i was sick of people saying,"That sounds allot like a kazzuu". So i started my search. Thats when i met Nate Burton. I remember having numerous conversations with Nate on the phone. I was unsure about spending allot of money.

Finally Nate says," Dave Trust Me!, You Will Not Be Disappointed". Well Nate you were very right, But you forgot to tell me how much i would love it. This fine instrument is a piece of art work. I remember pulling it out of the box and just looking at it .................... "Play it", my wife says. Oh yeah. As soon as one sound came out of that Didj, i knew that i had one of the best! and i made a great investment.
thanks allot to Burton Didjs 
Dave Houser,Calgary,Alberta, Canada. -2008


Jerome from France purchased a D#

Hi Nathan
I receive my didj today. It's amazing. Great sound and beautiful body.
You are a great artisan
I put your card in many bar and university( at Amiens and Paris), local for music repetition ...
THX THX for all and for this amazing instrument.

Your instrument enabled me to embellish my musicals creations.
Listen to the result on the site of my rock band:

THX for this amazing didg.
See you. Jerome


Jeff from England purchased a D

Hi Nath

          didj arrived yesterday. All I can say is thank you very much and WOW!! What a lovely bit of kit. It looks and plays fantastic (or will when I get better at it). Your description of it was absolutely right, Thank you once again.



Josh from San Diego, USA purchased a D

Hey Nathan,

I got the didj! There was some confusion in who was picking it up from the place to which it was mailed. But it's now in my possession and it's beautiful and sounds great. Thanks so much for your patience and help in purchasing a didj. I'll recommend you to anyone I may know who wants to buy an awesome didj. I'll send you a picture whenever I get a chance to take one. Thanks again.

Josh - 2009

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