Custom Made Didjeridus

If you prefer a more personalised option with specifications to suit you and your playing style, then send me an email and we can start the process of creating your own unique designed custom made DREAM DIDJERIDU!

Starting Price $2500 + AUD + Freight

Please consider the following specifications when thinking about designing your Custom Made Burton Yirdaki/Yidaki/Didjeridu:

Key Overtone Horn Weight Length

Mouthpiece Diameter (Natural wooden or waxed)

Bell Diameter

Timber type : Woolly butt or Stringy bark

Playing style : Traditional or Contemporary

If you are unsure about any of the specifications I am more than happy to recommend particular specifications to help design your own unique Burton Didjeridu.

For each custom made didj order I require:

  • 20% Non Refundable deposit required when both parties have agreed on the purchase price + freight (total price).
  • All purchase prices are in Australian dollars - $AUD.
  • Purchase method: Direct Bank Deposit
  • Approximately 3 month waiting period is to be expected, occasionally longer depending on specifications.
  • Upon completion of Custom Made Burton Yirdaki, a photo and specifications will be emailed for final confirmation of purchase.
  • Balance of total price is to be received before the Custom Made Burton Yirdaki is shipped.
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