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Kevin from North Carolina USA purchased a Burton F

My Brother - 

All i can say is - have you ever heard of an aching diaphragm? I feel like i have runners cramps on both sides of my ribs! I'm serious! I can't get enough of this didj - well, I guess, no pain - no gain!

Nathan - you have outdone yourself on this masterpiece. I am one fortunate soul. I've spent almost as much time looking at this piece of art as i have playing it. You obviously pour your heart and soul into every Burton didj.

The energy resonating from it is amazing. My words cannot do this didj justice, just as a photo cannot. It's a hybrid of fine art, channeled with amazing energy and tons of spirit.

It plays with unbelievable ease -although I must confess, I was a bit intimidated when I unwrapped it - her overall size and the bell is much larger than I imagined.HUGE. ( I can fit my arm in it up to my shoulder!)

Once I reworked the wax to fit my mouth, I prepared myself mentally for the first toot, not knowing what to expect...... and then it was a pure connection.

It is louder, easier, clearer than I ever imagined. The back-pressure is just as you described - plenty! The volume - well everything in my living room rattles when I play.

The horn - Oh so easy - it sounds like an semi-truck laying on the horn! And the range - it's like a rainbow!  You weren't kidding when you described this Orca didj .

It's only been several days, but I am playing at my every spare moment  (hence the body aches)- I am truly connected. I find myself so anxious to play every day.

I could not ask for more. THIS IS my dream F didj. The only looming question in the back of my mind is - What key Burton didj should be my next dream didj?

Nathan - you are a Master and I am forever your proud student.

Travis from Perth Western Australia purchased a Burton F# & D#



i finally decided to get that didj id always wanted my search led me to nathan's web page not knowing much i gave him a buzz to have a chat about what didj would best fit my needs.

5 long days later my didj (a f# i named cayenne) landed on my door i was expecting alot, but i got so much more a photo on a screen can not capture the beauty of these instruments, they really are art.

what a didj to learn on i could not put it down i was totally inspired they need very little encouragement to sing getting a drone and making some cool sounds was easy they have awesome backpressure which really helps learning to circular breathe.

the only thing better than one burton is two i had a d#(journey) custom made and nathan somehow managed to top his first effort im looking forward to meeting the c# I've ordered

I've played many didj's since starting, for me none compare,

burton didj's are like little people no two are the same each one has a unique sound,
character and appearance.

nathan loves his work and it really really shows. there is magic in these didj's

i couldn't recommend them enough grab one and fall in love i did.

thanks mate love your work travis.


Don Williams from USA purchased a Burton F/F# Horn A

Don Williams-F/F#

The didj is ridiculous! So amazing to play, hold, and look at. I got to play it for several hours on the drive home. Not sure if you heard about the fires near Sydney, but they had the motorway closed and it was an absolute parking lot.

There are a couple of negatives to a Burton didj. After playing it several times and getting used to it, I tried to play my other two didj's and they felt and sounded like cheap toys in comparison.

Your didj has raised the bar so high in terms of quality that I don't think I can bother with my other ones. I guess I'll need to see you about an E in the future.

The other concern I have is for my neighbours. The Burton is so much louder that I think we are at risk of getting kicked out of our apartment for noise disturbance.

Maria and I both enjoyed meeting you, Amanda and Isabella. Thanks for the beers and the time you spent helping me find the perfect didj.

Take care and keep in touch! Don


Mark from Seattle USA Purchased a Burton F Horn A 2nd Horn A#

Yes, I did get my didg and I am extremely happy. I've been able to play a few times since and have been impressed with the ease at which it plays.

The backpressure is great and the vocals are quite clear. The higher pitch caught me off guard at first but only because my three other didgs play so much lower.

And to top it off, the instrument itself is beautiful. I really appreciate how you allow the shape, texture, and color of each didg to shine on its own.

Thanks again. You have provided me with a didg that will be enjoyed by many. My mother is a 5th grade teacher and has already requested I do a "show and tell" (and hear) for her students. I've done this a couple times before and the kids are quite receptive.

Just thought you would like to know that your instruments are reaching many people.

Mark with digeridoo

I wanted to get back to you about my Burton didg. It has been in my possession for a few months now and I am truly impressed. I have been playing more and more these past three months and have caught myself reaching less and less for my other didgs that I have acquired over the years. The drone is intense, the vocals are crisp, and the backpressure is excellent. I handcrafted my last didgeridoo and was always happy with the sound but when I received my Burton didg I realized areas where my other didgs were lacking. I still play my other didgs since they each have their own unique sound and strength, but they simply don't have the same resonance, richness, and range that my Burton didg has. I'm also quite impressed with how well it records. Maybe in the near future I will record a song so others can hear for themselves. Thanks again and I look forward to laying my hands on another Burton didg as soon as possible.

Dave from Sydney Australia purchased a Burton F

Dave with digeridoo


I've been playing yidaki for a few years and am always on the look out for a stick. As soon as I saw Burton's yidakis I had to have one. Just the look will grab you, but once your lips lock on there is no doubt the ease to play it and the sound in generates.

I've bought one for the school I work at, 'Barker College', in the key of D and I also made a journey to see the man to purchase one for myself. This stick is in the key of F and has a great grunt to it, great to play traditional rhythms. No need for an amp.

I also understand that one day this stick will be passed onto my children. Its a work of art and a message about a culture that I'm proud to share. I didn't by it for this reason, but I feel it's an investment in a future time, these sticks will be rare and priceless one day, I've seen nothing like them.

Nathan is a legend with a wonderful family, these yidakis come from good energy.

Lex from USA Purchased a Burton F

Hey, Nathan! This is Lex, I just received the yirdaki I bought from you a few weeks ago. I cannot describe how amazing it is. I got it this morning and haven't been able to stop playing it since. The bright sound took me a little by surprise but I quickly got used to it and now enjoy it immensely. I would take this thing up into the mountains and the forests hiking if it weren't so heavy and beautiful! (don't want to crack it or scratch it now!) Well, anyway, it's late and I should probably stop playing and go to sleep.

Thank you so much, this is the most beautifully made instrument I have ever seen.

Picture taken at Beaver Bay, Minnesota on Lake Superior

Lex with digeridoo

Dan from Colorado USA Purchased a Burton F

Thanks a lot. I hope your new year was most excellent. My didj is working out great, I love the wide range of vocals and growls you can get out of it.

Really a truly beautiful piece of timber. The craftsmanship is top notch. I will definitely cherish that didj for a long long time to come.

Anyway, thanks for everything I love the didj. I hope to get another from you down the road a bit. I hope to move to Aus in a couple years so maybe then. I visited for a month a year ago and fell in love with the culture and the people and not to mention the great music and musicians. Again I would like to thank you for the didj, I'm sure after spending hours and hours creating them its kinda hard to let them go, so thanks again!

Peace bro,

Justin from Winnipeg Canada Purchased a Burton F

Justin with digeridoo

Hi Nathan,

I have been playing my brand new nathan burton didge for at least 5 months now. Its a woolly Butt Eucalyptus didge in the key of F. Since then I have been having a great time getting to know all the tricks and sounds. I have been playing on the Winnipeg streets, and the odd show or open mic, and when other didge players see it, they are automatically impressed, and most know of the powerful name "NATHAN BURTON."

You can do anything with these didgeridoos' They are highly responsive, back pressure is awesome, and as loud as you can imagine.It looks fantastic and always looks great in every photo taken of it. Also its the perfect conversation piece to pick up women.

Thank you to Nathan Burton who has always been extremely helpful with answering all my questions about how to care for the didgeridoo, and different techniques. My burton Didgeridoo is by far the finest of my collection. Worth every penny spent and I have no regrets!

Justin Paczkoski

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Burton Yirdaki = Family Heirloom

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