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Garth Stone from Melbourne, Australia purchased a Burton G# Horn G


Thanks for the Guru it has opened me up to a new vibe of playing, it takes a lot of work but once she gets going it drives its self.

All the best man... And thanks again

This is Garth's second Burton Yirdaki, check out his other testimonial in the C Testimonial link

garth - G sharp

Xavier Rudd - International Musician

Nathan Burton is awesome, a perfectionist in relation to Yirdaki handcrafting, a Didj in the key of F that he sent me last year is insane and from the first moments of playing it connected, a G inspired me to write "Chant"

I now have 8 Burton Didj's in my collection that I record with and play live in concert, after using these Instruments since mid 2004, I have not had any problems with any of them in regards to splitting or cracking, they are truly beautiful Instruments they are the most carefully carved and musically responsive Yirdaki's that I have come across so far on my journey.

Nathan has a warm humble spirit and an intriguing story of his time in Arnhem land learning his craft from the Grand Masters Djalu Gurruwiwi and David Blanasi. I am stoked to have met him and stoked with his didj's.

- Xavier Rudd

Gary from USA Purchased a Burton G Horn F#

Happy New Year. I hope your new year is going well. The didge arrived on the Friday before Xmas! Thanks much! Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but I didn't want to say anything about the didge on impulse.

After playing it almost everyday for the last month it sure is an amazing musical instrument! I've never played a "G" didge with such a smooth and easy horn. I'll definitely be learning new sounds and technics for years to come. WOW!

The photos on your website never did justice to what this didge really looks like in person, it looks as good as it sounds. I've played and seen many didges in the past 5 years, but none finished as precise as this one. I'm always looking down the bell end in amazement on how you carved and finished the internal bell from the really tight top end! I could go on and on about this didge.....But

Also I might be interested in ordering a custom "D" and possibly a custom "E" in the future.


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