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Travis from Perth Western Australia purchased a Burton D# & F#


i finally decided to get that didj id always wanted my search led me to nathan's web page not knowing much i gave him a buzz to have a chat about what didj would best fit my needs.

5 long days later my didj (a f# i named cayenne) landed on my door i was expecting alot, but i got so much more a photo on a screen can not capture the beauty of these instruments, they really are art.

what a didj to learn on i could not put it down i was totally inspired they need very little encouragement to sing getting a drone and making some cool sounds was easy they have awesome backpressure which really helps learning to circular breathe.

the only thing better than one burton is two i had a d#(journey) custom made and nathan somehow managed to top his first effort im looking forward to meeting the c# I've ordered

I've played many didj's since starting, for me none compare,

burton didj's are like little people no two are the same each one has a unique sound,
character and appearance.

nathan loves his work and it really really shows. there is magic in these didj's

i couldn't recommend them enough grab one and fall in love i did.

thanks mate love your work travis.


Joe Piggott from NSW Australia purchased a Burton D

I have had the pleasure of investing in one of Nathan's didj's, and frankly it goes beyond me being a happy customer. 

The instrument itself looks and feels a work of art. Simple as that. 

The numerous layers of resin create an unbelievable didj, something to have on the street, stage, or displayed for viewing in your pool room. 

But apart from looks, when you sit down to give it a good crack, it feels like the earth is joining with you in song. 

Amazingly rich earth sound.  Then there is Nathan, who quite frankly provides an awesome service!  I love mine Burton Didj! 

Torsten from Germany purchased a Burton D#

I had the luck and met Nathan Burton on my trip through Australia and felt immediately in love with his craft. I have never ever seen such kind of masterwork before in my life. When my Yirdaki arrived and I`ve put it out of the box I cannot describe what happened in this moment with me and my life.

Fortunately, I also bought a handmade sheepskin bag with the Yirdaki which fits like a glove and looks absolutely individual, nature and beautiful !!! Time was standing still .... how can a cover for a Yirdaki be so authentic? After my emotional journey ended with this, let`s call it second skin, I got my Yirdaki and I got my second trip.... WOW.... the feeling , the smell and the optic was eternal love .... I was just kicked by emotions from all sides of me and then I had the first blow in this magic instrument.....PURE ENERGY..... and now I have to admit that from here my story ends because this is beyond my experiences I had with getting words for a REAL FEELING!!!!

Torsten playing digeridoo

Thank you Nathan for changing my life and for giving me the chance to have this moments full of magic and peace whenever I want to have a connection with me and the nature .... I found my soul brother of my Didgeridoo collection!

Um es in meiner Sprache auszudrücken, sind die Werke von Nathan vollendete Bildnisse der Kunst, welche sich nur durch einen Künstler ausdrücken können der für diese geschaffen wurde, es erkannt hat und sich dem voller Leidenschaft hingibt. Ich glaube das in der musikalischen Fertigung von Windinstrumenten Nathan Maßstäbe gesetzt hat und damit mich und viele seiner Kunden verzaubert hat.

LOVE Torsten

Zanda from Australia purchased a Burton D#

Nathan with digeridoo

Gday Nathan.

The didj is great I have hardly put to down all weekend. It has such a true sound. I don't know how much of a blow you had but I found that it really appreciates deep grunts and shorts bursts through its bell end, that has really great resonance. It almost plays itself at times even once you stop blowing for half a second there is still sound bouncing around that great heart shaped end.

I just love playing it my room mate has the shits. Also I think for ages there I have been limited in the sticks I had with what they were capable of. After playing your one all weekend I had a short blow on one of my oldies and it really highlighted the difference in quality and why you pay a price for such craftsman ship. I am sure it wont be my last Burton either.

To look at it I think its one of the best looking pieces around (or that I have seen).

The blonde to that deep red is unbelievable. The interesting bell end is very unique and although you can tell much work has gone into the instrument it still looks extremely natural.

The skins are great - thanks for the freebies.

Thanks again Nath I am totally stoked with it I really couldn't be happier.

Speak soon


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