Professional Testimonials

Xavier Rudd - International Musician

International renown Australian musician Xavier Rudd chooses to play, record and perform live with Burton Yirdaki's.

It is a treat to hear my Instruments being played by Xav on his CD's Food in the Belly and White Moth.cdprofess

Nathan Burton is awesome, a perfectionist in relation to Yirdaki handcrafting, a Didj in the key of F that he sent me last year is insane and from the first moments of playing it connected, a G inspired me to write "Chant"

I now have 8 Burton Didj's in my collection that I record with and play live in concert, after using these Instruments since mid 2004, I have not had any problems with any of them in regards to splitting or cracking, they are truly beautiful Instruments they are the most carefully carved and musically responsive Yirdaki's that I have come across so far on my journey.

Nathan has a warm humble spirit and an intriguing story of his time in Arnhem land learning his craft from the Grand Masters Djalu Gurruwiwi and David Blanasi. I am stoked to have met him and stoked with his didj' . Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd

William Barton - Aboriginal Orchestral Performer

The Burton didgeridoo is a high quality performance instrument William Bartonfor the professional player whether touring with a rock band or working with experimental to jazz and classical. The Burton didges are also suitable to the enthusiastic beginner looking for a quality instrument to begin with, which will grow along with your technique and playing ability over the months of practice and play.

I personally find the Burton range of didges suited to my concerts with classical symphonies - being able to get a custom didgeridoo in any key I need including the option of high or low octave and the tuning of the horn note is a mark of a talented didgeridoo maker who not only delivers a high quality instrument suited to any performance environment but will be on the musical journey with you. With continued customer services support in the event of the didgeridoo need repairing it will be fixed for you to keep on playing.

I highly recommend the Burton range of didges


William Barton

william Barton sydney opera house

William Barton rehearsing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House ahead of a series of concerts titled "Didgeridoo meets the Orchestra"

Gumaroy - Professional Didjeridu Player


Having spent years playing the yidaki alongside many of the masters of this instrument, song and traditional dance, I have found one thing to be so evident.

A very large percentage of your potential is determined by the quality of your instrument! lets face it! its bloody hard work! and it can only be worsened by a poor quality stick!

I was first introduced to a Burton yidaki a while ago by a brother known as wandoo! the first instance that I started to play I could only think! too easy! the craftsman ship, the classic baseball bat shape, the perfect back pressure etc etc etc, made life so much easier when playing more complex patterns! not to mention your entire repertoire!

I remember meeting Nathan for the first time and played his yidakis at his house. It took myself and my mate Dave, way too long to make our choice!

Talk about feeling like a kid in a lolly shop! so many choices!

I now have the pleasure of being surrounded by many Burton sticks that are proudly owned by my brothers in Sydney! So of course they will often go missing and come on my travels with me.

Of course the first thing I see in the lounge room of my hosts when I arrive in Switzerland this year? (2006) - yep, you guessed it! a stunning Burton yidaki in the key of E. it just confirmed to me the reputation of the man and his sticks. after all, if you work with the master craftsmen from arnhem land, the home of the yidaki, tell me? could you expect anything less?

i don't think so!

well done nath! you are a true brother! making life so much easier for us players!

Sean Ryan - Professional Aboriginal Didgeridoo Player and Performer

In my professional opinion, Burton Didj's are the finest instrument quality didgeridoos in the market today. I have always respected the craftsmanship in all of the Burton didges.

I have played and heard before acquiring one myself, and when I didn't have one, I knew what I was missing out on especially where certain qualities are concerned that are synonymous with the Burton name burnt on the bottom of a didgeridoo.

Well balanced sounds with clear vocal qualities and warm rich resonant drones that aren't overly bassy or high and tinny. Superb playability where back-pressure is concerned, Burton didgeridoos have just enough to handle more percussive rhythm styles without it affecting the clarity of the tone or muffling or distorting the vocals being used.

And finally but not the least, I find where other Burton Didjeridoo owners testimony to the durability and longevity of your instruments is concerned, they all say they have had absolutely no problems with cracks or splitting and this is from owners who have had them for several years, the oldest being six years old I believe.

To me, this means I can have that sound for years to come without worrying about it cracking or splitting and without having to find that perfect didge ever again.

As an aboriginal who has had along term association with the didgeridoo and who uses them in a professional capacity, I would gladly testify to the enjoyment and satisfaction of playing and owning a Nathan Burton Didjeridoo, that sets the standard of contemporary didgeridoo making to a level that I appreciate on and off the stage.

Yours Sincerely,

Sean Ryan

Matt & Tony from Didgeridoo Breath Western Australia

"Nathan Burton Didgeridoos are amongst the finest in the world. It is always refreshing to play a Nathan Burton Didgeridoo, he is truly a master in his trade.

Didgeridoo Breath is Australia ’s Largest Didgeridoo Specialist and Didgeridoo School and we pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality instruments available in Australia . It has taken us years of searching to find and offer for sale Australia ’s finest Didgeridoos.

We are proud to display and sell Nathan’s awesome instruments. You will have to search the globe long and hard to find the small number of instrument makers of Nathan Burtons Calibre!

Nathan’s Instruments make most of us sound fantastic and allow true musicians sound incredible!

If you would like to talk more about Nathan Burton Didgeridoos just Phone Fax or Email any of us here at Didgeridoo Breath Fremantle Western Australia."

James Looker - Xavier Rudd's Stage Technician

There are so many mass produced Yirdaki's out there, it's rare to come across such well-crafted instruments. From an artist's view and an instrument/audio technician's, they are truly incredible.

I consider your Yirdaki's/Didjeridu's to be the Rolls Royce of Didj's.


Mike Mitchell - Owner and Operator of Muk Muk Trading

"Nathan Burton is considered by didgeridoo connoisseurs as being one of the finest craftsmen of superior quality Yirdaki in the world today.

Nathan lived and worked with Djalu Gurruwiwi as an apprentice of sorts for over 12 months in Northeast Arnhem land.

It was during this time that Nathan gained a deep respect for Yolngu culture and a great understanding of what is required to make an instrument of the highest quality.

Today Nathan's yirdaki are keenly sought after by the serious didge player and are not that readily available as each instrument can take up to a week to craft after the timber has been allowed to sit and mature for many months."


Orchestral Quality Instruments

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