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Travis English - Australia

Yirdaki Key F# -Cayenne Yirdaki Key D# - Journey Yirdaki Key C - Barry
Yirdaki Key E


i finally decided to get that didj id always wanted my search led me to nathan's web page not knowing much i gave him a buzz to have a chat about what didj would best fit my needs.

5 long days later my didj (a f# i named cayenne) landed on my door i was expecting alot, but i got so much more a photo on a screen can not capture the beauty of these instruments, they really are art.

what a didj to learn on i could not put it down i was totally inspired they need very little encouragement to sing getting a drone and making some cool sounds was easy they have awesome backpressure which really helps learning to circular breathe.

the only thing better than one burton is two i had a d#(journey) custom made and nathan somehow managed to top his first effort im looking forward to meeting the c# I've ordered

I've played many didj's since starting, for me none compare,

burton didj's are like little people no two are the same each one has a unique sound,
character and appearance.

nathan loves his work and it really really shows. there is magic in these didj's

i couldn't recommend them enough grab one and fall in love i did.

thanks mate love your work travis.

Perry Fuller - Australia
Yirdaki Key E - Burrabeedee Yirdaki Key C - Mother Earth

Gd' day, firstly I want to acknowledge my ancestors and elders.

Since receiving my Burton yirdaki I instantly connected with it. I find my playing has now gone to another level. The back pressure in the stick makes it easier to play and control the high and low notes. It has a strong bassiness sound. While playing the low notes you don't lose clarity and I believe it's due to the craftsmanship of Nathan Burton.

When you hear the playing you instantly connect it with traditional sounds of Australia.

I own two other yirdaki's that I have played for the last two years. These sticks are a pleasure to play and they were the beginning to what I believe was the start of my own journey.

On my journey I hope to reach young indigenous youth to encourage them to continue the traditional playing of the yirdaki and to also acknowledge some of the craftsman that create these deadly yirdaki's who are Djalu Gurruwiwi, David Blanasi and Nathan Burton.

Check out Perry's awesome playing busking around Newcastle and Sydney
Joe Haggerty - Australia
Yirdaki Key F - Cyclone Yirdaki C

the most powerful,perfectly tuned yirdaki i have come across,Nathan thankyou mate! I look forward to my next and many more.....Hope you enjoy the pics mate! Cheers joe.

Don Williams - USA - Living in Australia
Don Williams Burton Pipes

The didj is ridiculous! So amazing to play, hold, and look at. I got to play it for several hours on the drive home. Not sure if you heard about the fires near Sydney, but they had the motorway closed and it was an absolute parking lot.

There are a couple of negatives to a Burton didj. After playing it several times and getting used to it, I tried to play my other two didj's and they felt and sounded like cheap toys in comparison.

Your didj has raised the bar so high in terms of quality that I don't think I can bother with my other ones. I guess I'll need to see you about an E in the future.

The other concern I have is for my neighbours. The Burton is so much louder that I think we are at risk of getting kicked out of our apartment for noise disturbance.

Maria and I both enjoyed meeting you, Amanda and Isabella. Thanks for the beers and the time you spent helping me find the perfect didj.

Take care and keep in touch! Don

Don, Maria and Goombala

David King -Canada
Yirdaki's Key E - Decption - Key F# -Precious - Key D # - Earth Spirit


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